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High Stakes Trading On The South China Seas

Taipan is a game that takes place in the South China Seas around the late 18th century. You are a merchant that is given a barge to travel from port to port in search of fame, wealth, and adventure! There are plenty of opportunities on the high seas including piracy, barter, and transport.

Taipan Objective
The objective of the game is to accumulate wealth in excess of $1,000,000 before your mandatory retirement of 30 years. To achieve this, you travel from port to port purchasing items at bargain prices and unloading them at ports that have a higher price for that item. If there is no activity on an item, you can return to your home port (Hong Kong) and store the items in your warehouse.You can also deposit excess funds into a bank or borrow money from a lender.

Taipan begins with the Taipan (you) in command of a small barge. As you accumulate more wealth, you can purchase larger ships. These ships not only hold more cargo, they also hold more cannons.